ImmunoPrecise Announces Phage Display-Based Antibody Discovery Platforms

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, October 2nd, 2018 – IMMUNOPRECISE ANTIBODIES LTD. (the “Company” or “IPA”) (TSX VENTURE: IPA) (OTC PINK: IPATF) announced the addition of in-house and custom phage libraries to their growing service offerings through their recent expansion in Europe.  Through construction and screening of scFv and VHH phage display libraries, ImmunoPrecise is able to generate monoclonal antibodies, in a diverse range of animal species, against complex protein structures.

The Company offers access to proprietary in-house human and llama VHH phage libraries, applicable for non-immunogenic and toxic targets, the construction of custom immune libraries prepared from a diverse range of animal species, and synthetic phage libraries generated for state-of-the-art humanization and affinity maturation procedures to optimize lead candidates for clinical trials. Access to their royalty-free human scFv and llama VHH repertoires, along with expertise in protein and antibody engineering, positions the Company as a desirable provider for bispecific antibody development.

A Powerful Method for Therapeutic Antibody Development

Antibody phage display uses genetically engineered bacteriophage to express a single antibody fragment sequence on their outer surface, allowing isolation of the antibody-bound phage with the required characteristics by selection on the target.

Through phage display, ImmunoPrecise is able to offer another avenue of therapeutic antibody discovery; positioning them as a full-service CRO offering the full continuum of antibody discovery, manufacturing and engineering, to deliver a broad and diverse panel of antibodies for therapeutic campaigns.

Phage Advantages

Diversity – Specificity – Stability

  • Access to naïve and disease human, and naïve llama immune repertoires from in-house libraries
  • Custom immune libraries prepared from blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow of a diverse range of immunized animals
  • Llama VHH antibodies offer high stability and small size
  • Allows high specificity selection to obtain a large diverse, highly specific antibody repertoire for full characterization
  • Unlimited re-screening of the library repertoires
  • Library-derived sequences for bispecific antibody development in multiple formats 

About ImmunoPrecise. ImmunoPrecise is a full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery company focused on the next generation of antibody discovery, to deliver the most therapeutically-relevant antibodies, in a shorter period of time, with the highest probability of succeeding to clinical trials.

ImmunoPrecise operates from state-of-the-art laboratory facilities located at the Vancouver Island Technology Park in Victoria, British Columbia, in collaboration with its wholly-owned subsidiary operations at U-Protein Express and ModiQuest Research, both in the Netherlands. The Company operates globally to offer antibody services from target analysis to pre-clinical studies.

The services offered to clients include antibody discovery against a broad spectrum of antigens, including challenging targets. Amongst these services, the Company offers hyridoma production, B-cell services, and a variety of phage display platforms. The Company also provides a broad range of supporting services including immunologically-based assays, recombinant protein manufacturing, humanization, optimization, stable cell line development, and advanced solutions to challenges faced by clients in antibody-related research and development. The antibodies produced by ImmunoPrecise target a wide variety of therapeutic, diagnostic and research applications.

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