Salmonid Ig-HRPO


mouse anti-Salmonid Ig antibody

This mouse monoclonal anti-salmonid immunoglobulin antibody recognizes a variety of heavy chain epitopes on several Salmonid species. As a result, this antibody represents a powerful tool for the indirect detection of clinically and economically important salmonid parasites; parasite-specific immunoglobulins from Salmo, Onchorhynchus and Salvelinus may react with our monoclonal anti-salmonid (H-chain) Ig antibodies. This antibody can be used to monitor levels of serum immunoglobulins in salmon stock, and responses to specific parasites, or to assess the efficacy of salmonid vaccines. Learn more


Catalog #: CC0006H

Target Antigen: Salmonid immunoglobulin heavy chain

Type: Mouse IgG2a

Quantity: 100 μg

Datasheet: CC0006H

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