IPA Completes Acquisition of BioStrand BV… Learn More.

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A hybrid of experts in the SCIENCE and BUSINESS of bioplatform-based discovery.

Engineered for the race and shared pursuit of clinical success.

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Introducing a new LENSai on biotherapeutic intelligence.

This changes everything.

PRESS RELEASE: See how the acquisition of Biostrand complements IPA and its goal to change the paradigm for solving therapeutic needs like PERSONALIZED MEDICINE ― with a radically new approach to harnessing complex biological intelligence …


The World’s Only Antibody Therapy Remaining—Proven to Neutralize BA.2 and All Variants of Concern

For this and additional recent IPA announcements including IPA Selected to Partner with Elektrifi…for Future Pandemic Prep for Agencies of the US Department of Defense (D.O.D.)


The HUB of biotherapeutic intelligence at IPA is a hybrid of experts and technology in the SCIENCE and BUSINESS of bioplatform-based discovery:


Engineered for the scientific race.

Our SCIENTIFIC INTELLIGENCE and research teams provide full-scale antibody discovery and development services driven by relentlessly robust outcomes, diverse candidate pools and a wide range of platforms and technologies.


Engineered for the clinical race.

Our clinical BUSINESS intelligence arm takes the CRO to the next level by matching high value targets to fully vetted, premium antibody programs.


A new lens on biotherapeutic intelligence:

  • Natural
  • Artificial
  • Complex

HYFT Multi-Omics technology elevates all research activities at IPA with a new paradigm for solving therapeutic needs like PERSONALIZED MEDICINE, With it, we bring the biosphere into focus and turn infinite biological data into meaningful knowledge.

The LENSai platform provides exclusive access to untapped, original PRECISION medicine solutions― with more accuracy than ever before.