Antibody Discovery

Antibody Discovery Overview

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Antibody Discovery

Proprietary and data-driven antibody discovery technologies feed our B cell Select™, phage display, and hybridoma generation using semi-solid media and clone picking, to deliver high affinity antibodies for your therapeutic pipeline.

B cell Select®

Supported by decades of experience, our B cell Select® platform allows for the interrogation of a great diversity of an animal’s antibody repertoire. This proprietary platform can develop antibodies from any species (including human) and from any tissue, explores the entire antibody repertoire, and identifies antibodies for anything that is possible in an animal’s immune repertoire including any protein class, complex therapeutic targets, post-translational modifications, and small molecules. The B cell Select® platform enables the interrogation of 10 million immune cells to generate native, monoclonal antibodies from immunized animals that specifically target an antigen and allow for the rapid selection of top candidates, increasing the success rate of an antibody discovery program. The platform also harnesses the power of the immune system to generate natural pairing of the antibodies produced by selected B cells. Combining this technology with, for example, OmniAb® animals offers a truly unique and superior antibody discovery option

Rabbits & Chickens

ImmunoPrecise offers rabbit and chicken monoclonal antibody development. Our proprietary technology allows for the screening of the immune repertoire of the animal, creating the power to select the desired antibody directly from the B cells using our B cell Select or phage display antibody discovery platform.


The ModiFuse technology is based on our proprietary electrofusion platform for generating larger numbers of hybridomas compared to traditional fusions, which allows for rapid and efficient generation of monoclonal antibodies against virtually any target. This technique is combined with optimized immunization protocols, a wide variety of mouse and rat strains, and semi-automated screening facilities.

Semi-Solid Media & Clone Picking

ImmunoPrecise uses proprietary semi-solid media to grow mouse and rat hybridomas post-fusion. This special media allows for the support and picking of single cell colonies immediately after the fusion and hybridomas are essentially monoclonal from the start. No serial dilution (limiting dilution) cloning is required and all hybridomas that grow from the fusion can be tested for specific antibodies within two weeks post-fusion. The quick detection of target-specific clones allows for immediate subcloning and cryopreservation of valuable cultures.


Phage Display

Our phage display approach is based on building custom immune libraries from multiple species, including transgenic animals, or the selection of antigen-specific recombinant antibody fragments from our proprietary, pre-made human or llama phage libraries. Our libraries have been made from human patient and naïve (scFv) repertoires, as well as from naïve llama (VHH) repertoires. DeepDisplay™ custom immune libraries are prepared from blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow of immunized animals or humans and capture the entire immune repertoire for panning, rescue, and identification of unique antibodies with pre-specified characteristics.

This advanced technology allows us to express antibody fragments in bacteria or rapidly reformat into any given Ig format, such as full-size IgG of various isotypes, bispecifics, Fc mutants to modify effector functions, or chimeras with Fc regions from different species.


View our DeepDisplay™ flyer for more details on our powerful new technology utilizing a combination of Ligand’s OmniAb® transgenic animal platform and ImmunoPrecise Antibodies’ custom phage display antibody selection.


CAR Development

ImmunoPrecise supports your chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) development by providing adaptable antibody discovery approaches and custom work plans designed to meet the required criteria. With our diverse antibody discovery platforms, we can generate antibodies in different formats for CAR-T, while our precise high-throughput screening & characterization allows the inclusion of functional data early in the screening funnel. Our multiple discovery methods yield broad spectrums of diverse antibodies which can be further optimized with our well-established platforms. Our human scFv library offers especially accelerated discovery timelines for your project.

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