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Antibody Discovery Overview

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Preclinical Services
with Eurofins

ImmunoPrecise (IPA) is pleased to announce its partnership with industry leading, Eurofins Discovery.
For IPA customers, this means access to an expanded network of experts on a global scale. It enhances our capacity for single-source efficiencies and as an “end-to-end” service provider— from target evaluation through preclinical development.
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Coalition of Experts

Together, ImmunoPrecise and Eurofins Discovery are uniquely equipped to address the complex challenges of antibody discovery projects. We are a veritable think-tank of the industry’s leading experts. We explore beyond the status-quo to deliver preclinical antibody candidates and give you the edge — with single-source services.

Hybrid Service Model

ImmunoPrecise is an innovation-driven technology platform company with a distinctive end-to-end service model, designed to reduce time and risk with custom applications. We support our business partners in the quest to discover and develop novel antibodies against a broad range of classes of disease targets in “one-stop”, with:

  • An unrivaled suite of services
  • Target design and antigen modeling
  • A broad range of immunization technologies in a multitude of species and strains
  • Best-in-class hybridoma, B-cell, and phage display antibody discovery platforms
  • Antibody characterization, engineering, and manufacturing services

Breadth and Depth

Our mission is to provide capacity, breadth of offerings, and unique platforms that accelerate assay development, screening cascades, drug candidate validation and new biotherapeutic concepts.

Our partnership with Eurofins Discovery lends to:

  • Preclinical readiness
  • Early development stage of assets
  • Access to proprietary platforms
  • Bioanalytical solutions
  • In vivo efficiency studies
  • Drug and product formulations
  • QC testing and batch release
  • Assay-Ready Kits and cell lines with DiscoverX, from Eurofins
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