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Target Design & Antigen Modeling

We know the importance of the target protein for a successful antibody campaign. Our expert team analyzes each target and recommends the best way forward to deliver the product you’re looking for.


We have developed different strategies to select the correct domains of your target antigen (e.g., in silico modeling) and combine these antigens with the optimized immunization routes in different species. Depending on the characteristics of the individual antigen and the available starting material, we either generate synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins, antibodies or antibody fragments (anti-idiotypic projects), cell lines suitable for immunization (syngeneic or ModiVacc), or plasmids for genetic immunization (NonaVac). We can further immunize with smaller proteins or whole cell bacteria.

A multitude of immunization technologies is available at ImmunoPrecise, ranging from various injection methods, via dermal tattooing, to live cell-based immunizations.

Peptide Production

The success of your antibody development project is highly dependent on the quality of your antigen. ImmunoPrecise can produce your antigen at scales and quality needed for immunization and use that seamlessly in a subsequent antibody discovery campaign.In the case of anti-peptide projects, the immunizing antigen must be of high purity, enabled for carrier conjugation and safe for injection into animals. Therefore, to help ensure the best start to your antibody development projects, ImmunoPrecise’s scientists assist you in epitope prediction and antigen design. Our peptide production service also includes modifications such as phosphorylations.

Syngeneic Cell Line

Similar to our ModiVacc technology for mice, we offer the immunization of other species with a syngeneic cell line. After the selection of the species for the immunization, we discuss a suitable cell line and prepare transfected cells for immunization and screening.



ModiVacc is a proprietary platform to generate high affinity antibodies specific for intractable drug targets such as low immunogenic multiple, membrane-spanning proteins (e.g., GPCRs or ion channels). This highly successful approach has already demonstrated that large panels of antibodies recognizing a wide variety of epitopes can be generated.

The technology is based on the immunization of live cells in mice. The ModiVacc cell line is a mouse lymphoid tumor cell line containing specific co-factors and is used to stably express the membrane protein of interest. The immunization with these live cells does result in an initial expansion of the tumor cells in the mice and induces a robust immune response against the membrane protein-expressing cells. The immune response ultimately results in the clearance of the expanding tumor cells. Subsequently, monoclonal antibodies can be generated by hybridoma generation using our electro-fusion method, via B cell Select, or by applying our phage library generation and selection method.

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