LENSai Complex Intelligence Technology

Driving efficiency for drug discovery — by turning complex data into a personalized medicine machine.

LENSai Complex Intelligence Technology builds on IPA’s reputation of scientific excellence, with a totally new approach to biological intelligence.

HYFTs™ System Thinking enables a multi-omics lens for the rapid exploration, interrogation and correlation of vast pools of NEW and EXISTING sources of biological data. This effectively bridges the gap between genomic data and the ability to make it useful—with meaningful specificity for personalized medicine.

Personalizing therapeutics — from the BIOSPHERE to the patient

A new LENSai on biotherapeutic intelligence
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The HUB at IPA is changing the paradigm for solving therapeutic needs like PERSONALIZED MEDICINE — with a dynamic, new approach to understanding complex biological intelligence.

With HYFT™ Multi-Omics, a universal biological syntax brings the biosphere into focus and turns infinite data into meaningful knowledge. A revolutionary LENSai magnifies the scope of AI and crystallizes specificity from vast pools of heterogeneous data. Gain exclusive access to untapped PRECISION medicine solutions — faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

  • Antibody discovery: unlimited interrogation combining multiple data sources and dimensions
  • In silico, off-target analysis: characterizing antibodies and benchmarking against the biosphere
  • Antigen design: mapping and direct assessment of genetic variations, structure and function — with a framework to define the most characteristic peptides
  • Target validation: from data to knowledge – knowledge to actionable insight

Integrated End-to-End Technologies

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Single-source HUB of intelligence

By thoughtfully building on our reputation of scientific excellence with LENSai, the HUB at IPA offers a single-source portfolio of services, platforms and game-changing technologies that are second to none.


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