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Protein Manufacturing

ImmunoPrecise offers mammalian protein expression and purification services as stand-alone, or in combination after an antibody discovery project to produce the amount of antibodies you need for your further work. Our expression and production workflow is designed to deliver recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and pre-clinical applications. Antibodies can be manufactured from a transient expression system, from stable cell lines or from hybridoma culture or animal sera. Our mammalian rPEx® platform allows the production of all kinds of proteins, including difficult-to-express proteins, Fc-fusion proteins and bispecific antibodies.

Transient protein production platform (rPEx®)

Fully post-translationally modified mammalian proteins and recombinant antibodies are produced via the rPEx® transient protein production platform. We use serum-free, suspension-growing HEK and CHO cells transiently transfected with expression vectors containing the gene of interest. Several proprietary expression vectors (pUPE) are available for small-scale high-throughput production for quick candidates screening. Gram amounts of purified antibodies in any format and with low levels of endotoxin (< 1.0 EU/mg) can be produced quickly and in high quality. Any antibody variable domains can be seamlessly ligated in antibody expression vectors to generate each antibody class or type.

Bispecific antibodies

We have broad expertise with bispecific antibody generation and can use the discovered lead sequences for bispecific binding validation using a knob-into-hole heterodimer platform (Abthena™), and for the generation of bispecific antibodies for your research purposes (based on your bispecific antibody platform licenses).

We are experienced with subcloning binders into different formats and can produce sufficient protein amounts for your internal testing. Alternatively, we can tech-transfer your bispecific technology and benchmark with other bispecific antibody formats in a comparative approach.


We are a trusted partner for the storage of cell lines, tissues, RNA, DNA, plasmid constructs, antibodies, and many other biological materials. We use an off-site storage facility to safeguard your assets.​

Catalog Products

In addition to custom programs, we offer many different pre-made protein products. Browse Catalog Products to learn more.

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